Health Care Services


Doctor visit at home

Our team of dedicated doctors will visit your home and make an initial assessment and plan of care for the patient. Our visits are scheduled as per the convenience of the patient. Regular visits as per the need of the client can be designed . This relieves a lot of anxiety and is reassuring for senior citizens.

Nursing Care

After a major surgery or a short stint in the Intensive care Unit ,many patients are discharged and advised to be mobilized at home. However they require frequent medical attention from injections ,dressings, sponge baths etc. Our nurses are here to assist you in this area.


Many chronic illnesses like cancer,diabetes require frequent blood tests. We provide these services also. You don’t have to schedule a separate visit to the lab. We are tied up with DDRC-SRL Diagnostic centre, one of the most reliable diagnostic centres with a wide network of branches all over Kerala. We collect blood samples from home and the samples are processed and reports delivered to the patient by email within 48 hours.

Medical Equipments

Senior citizens frequently require medical equipments like wheelchairs, airbeds, crutches etc. We help in procuring the right equipment and deliver it to your homes cost effectively.


We also supply our patients with all needed medications. Also we maintain the records of the medication and make sure that it is restocked so that you don’t miss a single dose.


Our physiotherapists will help to ambulate patients as needed.